Fuller transmission models in stock from World Drivetrain.
We stock the following Fuller 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed models.

AT-1202 AT1202


FR-11210B FR11210B FR-12210B FR12210B FR-13210B FR13210B FR-14210B FR14210B FR-15210B FR15210B FR-9210B FR9210B

FRF-11210B FRF11210B FRF-12210B FRF12210B FRF-13210B FRF13210B FRF-14210B FRF14210B FRF-15210B FRF15210B FRF-9210B FRF9210B

FRLO-14410C-T2 FRLO14410C-T2 FRLO14410CT2 FRLO-15410C-T2 FRLO15410C-T2 FRLO15410CT2 FRLO-16410C-T2 FRLO16410C-T2 FRLO16410CT2

FRO-11210B FRO11210B FRO-11210C FRO11210C
FRO-12210B FRO12210B FRO-12210C FRO12210C FRO-13210B FRO13210B FRO-13210C FRO13210C FRO-14210B FRO14210B FRO-14210C FRO14210C FRO-15210B FRO15210B FRO-15210C FRO15210C FRO-16210B FRO16210B FRO-16210C FRO16210C FRO-17210C FRO17210C FRO-18210C FRO18210C

FROF-11210B FROF11210B FROF-11210C FROF11210C FROF-12210B FROF12210B FROF-12210C FROF12210C FROF-13210B FROF13210B FROF-13210C FROF13210C FROF-14210B FROF14210B FROF-14210C FROF14210C FROF-15210B FROF15210B FROF-15210C FROF15210C FROF-16210B FROF16210B FROF-16210C FROF16210C

AFSO-8406A AFSO8406A

RT-11109A-AT RT11109A-AT RT11109AAT RT-11109A-ATR RT11109A-ATR RT11109AATR RT-11109A-ATS RT11109A-ATS RT11109AATS RT-11509 RT11509 RT-11608 RT11608 RT-11609A RT11609A RT-11610 RT11610 RT-11613 RT11613 RT-11615 RT11615 RT-11709 RT11709 ART-11709H ART11709H RT-11710B RT11710B RT-11715 RT11715 RT-12109A-AT RT12109A-AT RT12109AAT RT-12509 RT12509 RT-12510 RT12510 RT-12515 RT12515 RT-12609 RT12609 ART-12610 ART12610 RT-12709A RT12709A RT-12709H RT12709H RT-12710B RT12710B RT-13609A RT13609A RT-13709H RT13709H RT-13710B RT13710B RT-14109A-ATS RT14109A-ATS RT14109AATS RT-14609A RT14609A RT-14610 RT14610 RT-14613 RT14613 RT-14615 RT14615 RT-14709A RT14709A RT-14709H RT14709H RT-14710B RT14710B RT-14715 RT14715 RT-14910B-AS2 RT14910B-AS2 RT14910BAS2 RT-14915 RT14915 RT-15613 RT15613 RT-15615 RT15615 RT-15715 RT-15715 RT-6609 RT6609 RT-6610 RT6610 RT-7608LL RT7608LL RT-8608L RT8608L RT-8609 RT8609 RT-8709B RT8709B RT-8908LL RT8908LL RT-9109A-AT RT9109A-AT RT9109AAT RT-9710B RT9710B


RTF-11509 RTF11509 RTF-11608 RTF11608 RTF-11609A RTF11609A RTF-11610 RTF11610 RTF-11613 RTF11613 RTF-11615 RTF11615 RTF-11709H RTF11709H RTF-11710B RTF11710B RTF-11715 RTF11715 RTF-12509 RTF12509 RTF-12510 RTF12510 RTF-12515 RTF12515 RTF-12609A RTF12609A RTF-12610 RTF12610 RTF-12709H RTF12709H RTF-12710B RTF12710B RTF-13609A RTF13609A RTF-13709H RTF13709H RTF-13710B RTF13710B RTF-14609A RTF14609A RTF-14610 RTF14610 RTF-14613 RTF14613 RTF-14615 RTF14615 RTF-14709H RTF14709H RTF-14710B RTF14710B RTF-14715 RTF14715 RTF-14915 RTF14915 RTF-15613 RTF15613 RTF-15615 RTF15615 RTF-15715 RTF15715 RTF8608L RTF-8608L RTF-8709B RTF8709B RTF-8908LL RTF8908LL RTF-9710B RTF9710B RTL-14710B RTL14710B RTLC-16609E RTLC16609E RTLCF-16609E RTLCF16609E RTLF-14710B RTLF14710B

RTLO-11118A-MT RTLO11118A-MT RTLO11118AMT RTLO-11610B RTLO11610B RTLO-11610B-T2 RTLO11610B-T2 RTLO11610BT2 RTLO-12610B RTLO12610B RTLO-12610B-T2 RTLO12610B-T2 RTLO12610BT2 RTLO-12713A RTLO12713A RTLO-12913A RTLO12913A RTLO-13610B RTLO13610B RTLO-13610B-T2 RTLO13610B-T2 RTLO13610BT2 RTLO-14610A RTLO14610A RTLO-14610B RTLO14610B RTLO-14610B-T2 RTLO14610B-T2 RTLO14610BT2 RTLO-14613B RTLO14613B RTLO-14618A RTLO14618A RTLO-14713A RTLO14713A RTLO-14718B RTLO14718B RTLO-14913A RTLO14913A RTLO-14918A-AS2 RTLO14918A-AS2 RTLO14918AAS2 RTLO-14918B RTLO14918B RTLO-14918B-AS RTLO14918B-AS RTLO14918BAS RTLO-14918B-T2 RTLO14918B-T2 RTLO14918BT2 RTLO-15610B RTLO15610B RTLO-15610B-T2 RTLO15610B-T2 RTLO15610BT2 RTLO-16610B RTLO16610B RTLO-16610B-T2 RTLO16610B-T2 RTLO16610BT2 RTLO-16618A RTLO16618A RTLO-16713A RTLO16713A RTLO-16713A-T2 RTLO16713A-T2 RTLO16713AT2 RTLO-16718B RTLO16718B RTLO-16913A RTLO16913A RTLO-16913A-T2 RTLO16913A-T2 RTLO16913AT2 RTLO-16918A-AS2 RTLO16918A-AS2 RTLO16918AAS2 RTLO-16918B RTLO16918B RTLO-16918B-AS RTLO16918B-AS RTLO16918BAS RTLO-16918B-T2 RTLO16918B-T2 RTLO16918BT2 RTLO-17610B RTLO17610B RTLO-17610B-T2 RTLO17610B-T2 RTLO17610BT2 RTLO-18610B RTLO18610B RTLO-18610B-T2 RTLO18610B-T2 RTLO18610BT2 RTLO-18718B RTLO18718B RTLO-18913A RTLO18913A RTLO-18913A-T2 RTLO18913A-T2 RTLO18913AT2 RTLO-18918A-AS2 RTLO18918A-AS2 RTLO18918AAS2 RTLO-18918B RTLO18918B RTLO-18918B-AS RTLO18918B-AS RTLO18918BAS RTLO-18918B-T2 RTLO18918B-T2 RTLO18918BT2 RTLO-20913A RTLO20913A RTLO-20918A-AS2 RTLO20918A-AS2 RTLO20918AAS2 RTLO-20918B RTLO20918B RTLO-20918B-AS RTLO20918B-AS RTLO20918BAS RTLO-20918B-T2 RTLO20918B-T2 RTLO20918BT2 RTLO-22918A-AS2 RTLO22918A-AS2 RTLO22918AAS2 RTLO-22918B RTLO22918B RTLO-9118A-MT RTLO9118A-MT RTLO9118AMT

RTLOC-16909A-T2 RTLOC16909A-T2 RTLOC16909AT2

RTLOF-11610B RTLOF11610B RTLOF-11610B-T2 RTLOF11610B-T2 RTLOF11610BT2 RTLOF-12610B RTLOF12610B RTLOF-12610B-T2 RTLOF12610B-T2 RTLOF12610BT2 RTLOF-12713A RTLOF12713A RTLOF-12913A RTLOF12913A RTLOF-13610B RTLOF13610B RTLOF-13610B-T2 RTLOF13610B-T2 RTLOF13610BT2 RTLOF-14610B RTLOF14610B RTLOF-14610B-T2 RTLOF14610B-T2 RTLOF14610BT2 RTLOF-14613B RTLOF14613B RTLOF-14618A RTLOF14618A RTLOF-14713A RTLOF14713A RTLOF-14718B RTLOF14718B RTLOF-14913A RTLOF14913A RTLOF-14918B RTLOF14918B RTLOF-14918B-T2 RTLOF14918B-T2 RTLOF14918BT2 RTLOF-15610B RTLOF15610B RTLOF-15610B-T2 RTLOF15610B-T2 RTLOF15610BT2 RTLOF-16610B RTLOF16610B RTLOF-16610B-T2 RTLOF16610B-T2 RTLOF16610BT2 RTLOF-16618A RTLOF16618A RTLOF-16713A RTLOF16713A RTLOF-16713A-T2 RTLOF16713A-T2 RTLOF16713AT2 RTLOF-16718B RTLOF16718B RTLOF-16913A RTLOF16913A RTLOF-16913A-T2 RTLOF16913A-T2 RTLOF16913AT2 RTLOF-16918B RTLOF16918B RTLOF-16918B-T2 RTLOF16918B-T2 RTLOF16918BT2 RTLOF-17610B RTLOF17610B RTLOF-17610B-T2 RTLOF17610B-T2 RTLOF17610BT2 RTLOF-18610B RTLOF18610B RTLOF-18718B RTLOF18718B RTLOF-18913A RTLOF18913A RTLOF-18913A-T2 RTLOF18913A-T2 RTLOF18913AT2 RTLOF-18918B RTLOF18918B RTLOF-18918B-T2 RTLOF18918B-T2 RTLOF18918BT2 RTLOF-20913A RTLOF20913A RTLOF-20918B RTLOF20918B RTLOF-20918B-T2 RTLOF20918B-T2 RTLOF20918BT2 RTLOF-22918B RTLOF22918B


RTO-10710B-AS2 RTO10710B-AS2 RTO10710BAS2 RTO-10910B-AS2 RTO10910B-AS2 RTO10910BAS2 RTO-11109A-AT RTO11109A-AT RTO11109AAT RTO-11109A-ATS RTO11109A-ATS RTO11109AATS RTO-11109B-AT RTO11109B-AT RTO11109BAT RTO-11109B-ATE RTO11109B-ATE RTO11109BATE RTO-11109B-ATR RTO11109B-ATR RTO11109BATR RTO-11109B-ATS RTO11109B-ATS RTO11109BATS RTO-11509 RTO11509 RTO-11607L RTO11607L RTO-11607LL RTO11607LL RTO-11608LL RTO11608LL RTO-11609A RTO11609A RTO-11609B RTO11609B RTO-11610 RTO11610 RTO-11613 RTO11613 RTO-11615 RTO11615 RTO-11707DLL RTO11707DLL RTO-11707LL RTO11707LL RTO-11708LL RTO11708LL RTO-11709A RTO11709A RTO-11709B RTO11709B RTO-11709MLL RTO11709MLL RTO-11715 RTO11715 RTO-11813 RTO11813 RTO-11908LL RTO11908LL RTO-11909ALL RTO11909ALL RTO-11909MLL RTO11909MLL RTO-12109A-AT RTO12109A-AT RTO12109AAT RTO-12109B-AT RTO12109B-AT RTO12109BAT RTO-12509 RTO12509 RTO-12510 RTO12510 RTO-12515 RTO12515 RTO-12609A RTO12609A RTO-12609B RTO12609B RTO-12610 RTO12610 RTO-12709A RTO12709A RTO-12709B RTO12709B RTO-12710B-AS2 RTO12710B-AS2 RTO12710BAS2 RTO-12910B-AS2 RTO12910B-AS2 RTO12910BAS2 RTO-13109A-ATE RTO13109A-ATE RTO13109AATE RTO-13109B-AT RTO13109B-AT RTO13109BAT RTO-13109B-ATE RTO13109B-ATE RTO13109BATE RTO-13707DLL RTO13707DLL RTO-13707MLL RTO13707MLL RTO-14109A-ATE RTO14109A-ATE RTO14109AATE RTO-14109A-ATS RTO14109A-ATS RTO14109AATS RTO-14109B-AT RTO14109B-AT RTO14109BAT RTO-14109B-ATE RTO14109B-ATE RTO14109BATE RTO-14109B-ATS RTO14109B-ATS RTO14109BATS RTO-14608LL RTO14608LL RTO-14609A RTO14609A RTO-14609B RTO14609B RTO-14610 RTO14610 RTO-14613 RTO14613 RTO-14615 RTO14615 RTO-14708LL RTO14708LL RTO-14709A RTO14709A RTO-14709B RTO14709B RTO-14709H RTO14709H RTO-14709MLL RTO14709MLL RTO-14710B-AS2 RTO14710B-AS2 RTO14710BAS2 RTO-14710C-AS2 RTO14710C-AS2 RTO14710CAS2 RTO-14715 RTO14715 RTO-14813 RTO14813 RTO-14908LL RTO14908LL RTO-14909ALL RTO14909ALL RTO-14909MLL RTO14909MLL RTO-14910B-AS2 RTO14910B-AS2 RTO14910BAS2 RTO-14910C-AS2 RTO14910C-AS2 RTO14910CAS2 RTO-14915 RTO14915 RTO-15210C RTO15210C RTO-15613 RTO15613 RTO-15615 RTO15615 RTO-15618 RTO15618 RTO-15715 RTO15715 RTO-15813 RTO15813 RTO-16109A-AT RTO16109A-AT RTO16109AAT RTO-16109A-ATE RTO16109A-ATE RTO16109AATE RTO-16109B-AT RTO16109B-AT RTO16109BAT RTO-16109B-ATE RTO16109B-ATE RTO16109BATE RTO-16210C RTO16210C RTO-16710B-AS2 RTO16710B-AS2 RTO16710BAS2 RTO-16710C-AS2 RTO16710C-AS2 RTO16710CAS2 RTO-16908LL RTO16908LL RTO-16909ALL RTO16909ALL RTO-16910B-AS2 RTO16910B-AS2 RTO16910BAS2 RTO-16910C-AS2 RTO16910C-AS2 RTO16910CAS2 RTO-16915 RTO16915 RTO-18910B-AS2 RTO18910B-AS2 RTO18910BAS2 RTO-6610 RTO6610 RTO-9109A-AT RTO9109A-AT RTO9109AAT RTO-9109B-AT RTO9109B-AT RTO9109BAT

RTOC-16709A RTOC16709A RTOC-16909A RTOC16909A RTOCF-16709A RTOCF16709A

RTOF-11509 RTOF11509 RTOF-11607L RTOF11607L RTOF-11607LL RTOF11607LL RTOF-11608LL RTOF11608LL RTOF-11609A RTOF11609A RTOF-11609B RTOF11609B RTOF-11610 RTOF11610 RTOF-11613 RTOF11613 RTOF-11615 RTOF11615 RTOF-11707LL RTOF11707LL RTOF-11708LL RTOF11708LL RTOF-11709MLL RTOF11709MLL RTOF-11715 RTOF11715 RTOF-11813 RTOF11813 RTOF-11908LL RTOF11908LL RTOF-11909ALL RTOF11909ALL RTOF-11909MLL RTOF11909MLL RTOF-12509 RTOF12509 RTOF-12510 RTOF12510 RTOF-12515 RTOF12515 RTOF-12609A RTOF12609A RTOF-12609B RTOF12609B RTOF-12610 RTOF12610 RTOF-13707DLL RTOF13707DLL RTOF-13707MLL RTOF13707MLL RTOF-14608LL RTOF14608LL RTOF-14609A RTOF14609A RTOF-14609B RTOF14609B RTOF-14610 RTOF14610 RTOF-14613 RTOF14613 RTOF-14615 RTOF14615 RTOF-14708LL RTOF14708LL RTOF-14709MLL RTOF14709MLL RTOF-14715 RTOF14715 RTOF-14813 RTOF14813 RTOF-14908LL RTOF14908LL RTOF-14909ALL RTOF14909ALL RTOF-14909MLL RTOF14909MLL RTOF-14915 RTOF14915 RTOF-15210C RTOF15210C RTOF-15613 RTOF15613 RTOF-15615 RTOF15615 RTOF-15618 RTOF15618 RTOF-15715 RTOF15715 RTOF-15813 RTOF15813 RTOF-16210C RTOF16210C RTOF-16908LL RTOF16908LL RTOF-16909ALL RTOF16909ALL RTOF-16915 RTOF16915

RTOFC-16909A RTOFC16909A

RTOO-11613 RTOO11613 RTOO-14613 RTOO14613

RTOOF-11613 RTOOF11613 RTOOF-14613 RTOOF14613

RTOX-11613 RTOX11613 RTOX-14613 RTOX14613

RTOXF-11613 RTOXF11613 RTOXF-14613 RTOXF14613

RTX-11509 RTX11509 RTX-11608LL RTX11608LL RTX-11609A RTX11609A RTX-11609B RTX11609B RTX-11609P RTX11609P RTX-11609R RTX11609R RTX-11610 RTX11610 RTX-11615 RTX11615 RTX-11708LL RTX11708LL RTX-11709A RTX11709A RTX-11709B RTX11709B RTX-11709H RTX11709H RTX-11710B RTX11710B RTX-11710C RTX11710C RTX-11715 RTX11715 RTX-12509 RTX12509 RTX-12510 RTX12510 RTX-12515 RTX12515 RTX-12609A RTX12609A RTX-12609B RTX12609B RTX-12609P RTX12609P RTX-12609R RTX12609R RTX-12610 RTX12610 RTX-12709A RTX12709A RTX-12709B RTX12709B RTX-12709H RTX12709H RTX-12710B RTX12710B RTX-12710C RTX12710C RTX-13609A RTX13609A RTX-13609B RTX13609B RTX-13609P RTX13609P RTX-13609R RTX13609R RTX-13709H RTX13709H RTX-13710B RTX13710B RTX-13710C RTX13710C RTX-14608LL RTX14608LL RTX-14609A RTX14609A RTX-14609B RTX14609B RTX-14609P RTX14609P RTX-14609R RTX14609R RTX-14610 RTX14610 RTX-14615 RTX14615 RTX-14708LL RTX14708LL RTX-14709A RTX14709A RTX-14709B RTX14709B RTX-14709H RTX14709H RTX-14710B RTX14710B RTX-14710C RTX14710C RTX-14715 RTX14715 RTX-15615 RTX15615 RTX-15710B RTX15710B RTX-15710C RTX15710C RTX-15715 RTX15715 RTX-16709B RTX16709B RTX-16709H RTX16709H RTX-16710B RTX16710B RTX-16710C RTX16710C

RTXF-11509 RTXF11509 RTXF-11608LL RTXF11608LL RTXF-11609A RTXF11609A RTXF-11609B RTXF11609B RTXF-11609P RTXF11609P RTXF-11609R RTXF11609R RTXF-11610 RTXF11610 RTXF-11615 RTXF11615 RTXF-11708LL RTXF11708LL RTXF-11709H RTXF11709H RTXF-11710B RTXF11710B RTXF-11710C RTXF11710C RTXF-11715 RTXF11715 RTXF-12509 RTXF12509 RTXF-12510 RTXF12510 RTXF-12515 RTXF12515 RTXF-12609A RTXF12609A RTXF-12609B RTXF12609B RTXF-12609P RTXF12609P RTXF-12609R RTXF12609R RTXF-12610 RTXF12610 RTXF-12709H RTXF12709H RTXF-12710B RTXF12710B RTXF-12710C RTXF12710C RTXF-13609A RTXF13609A RTXF-13609B RTXF13609B RTXF-13609P RTXF13609P RTXF-13609R RTXF13609R RTXF-13709H RTXF13709H RTXF-13710B RTXF13710B RTXF-13710C RTXF13710C RTXF-14608LL RTXF14608LL RTXF-14609A RTXF14609A RTXF-14609B RTXF14609B RTXF-14609P RTXF14609P RTXF-14609R RTXF14609R RTXF-14610 RTXF14610 RTXF-14615 RTXF14615 RTXF-14708LL RTXF14708LL RTXF-14709H RTXF14709H RTXF-14710B RTXF14710B RTXF-14710C RTXF14710C RTXF-14715 RTXF14715 RTXF-15615 RTXF15615 RTXF-15710B RTXF15710B RTXF-15710C RTXF15710C RTXF-15715 RTXF15715 RTXF-16709B RTXF16709B RTXF-16709H RTXF16709H RTXF-16710B RTXF16710B RTXF-16710 RTXF16710

CT-11605 CT11605 AT-11605 AT11605 BT-11605 BT11605 CT-11605 CT11605

DT-11605 DT11605 FT-11605 FT11605 MT-11607 MT11607 AT-11607 AT11607

BT-14607 BT14607 AT-14607 AT14607 BT-8607 BT8607 AT-8607 AT8607

BTO-11605 BTO11605 ATO-11605 ATO11605 BTO-11605 BTO11605 CTO-11605 CTO11605

DTX-14607 DTX14607 BTX-8607B BTX8607B

Fuller midrange units in stock.
FS-4005A FS4005A FS4005 FS-4005B FS4005B FS-4005C FS4005C FS-4205A FS4205A FS4205 FS-4205B FS4205B FS-4205C FS4205C FS-5005A FS5005A FS5005 FS-5005B FS5005B FS-5005C FS5005C FS-5106A FS5106A FS5106 FS-5205A FS5205A FS5205 FS-5205B FS5205B FS-5205C FS5205C FS-5306A FS5306A FS5306 FS-5406A FS5406A FS5406 FS-6205A FS6205A FS6205 FS-6205B FS6205B FS-6206A FS6206A FS6206 FS-6305A FS6305A FS6305 FS-6305B FS6305B FS-6306A FS6306A FS6306 FS-6406A FS6406A FS6406 FS-8206A FS8206A FS8206 FSO-6406 FSO6406 AFSO-8406A AFSO8406A

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World Drivetrain is your source for finest rebuilt and exchange Fuller transmissions money can buy.
All units are built with the highest quality genuine Eaton Fuller replacement parts. Each unit is fully inspected and tested prior to leaving the rebuild facility to insure you receive the correct model, setup the correct way and ready to install.

Our 7 rebuilt and excahnge distribution centers can deliver a remanufactured Fuller Transmission to your shop or repair facility in a day or so to get you back on the road.
Fuller transmissions are available in: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed models and we stock them all!

We sell Fuller heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty transmissions. We also stock a complete line of, rebuild kits, bearing kits, cases, main and counter shafts, small parts, gears and any other part you will need to rebuild or repair any Fuller model. All units are in stock and ready for shipment.

We will rebuild your unit for you if you like or ship you a fully rebuilt exchange unit today. We pay for the return shipping of the core. Contact us for all your Fuller transmission needs.

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